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Developing and manufacturing scientific and research instruments and equipment for more than 20 years
We propose:
Complex automation of measurement processes and equipment.
Design and manufacture of experimental electronic / electromechanical equipment according to Customer tasks.
Our products
Atomic-force microscope

Atomic force microscope in a complex with hardware and software enabling analysis of topography and micromechanical properties of solid surfaces with nanometer resolution.

Embedded videosystem in combination with motorized XY micropositioning stage provide convenient tuning of the instrument and its fine targeting onto the features on the sample surface. All that dramatically enhances the instrument's functionality when researching micro- and nanosize objects.

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Langmuir–Blodgett troughs

* Instruments above are not in the same scale

Devices for deposition of monomolecular films on solid samples according to the Langmuir–Blodgett (LB) technique and for deposition of multimolecular films by corresponding layer-by-layer technique. Small- and big-size versions for laboratory investigations and preparation for industrial application, with one or two barriers, with liquid medium volume from 0.05 l to 11 l. Adaptation for specific tasks of Customers available.

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Tribometer FT3 is intended for studying of material friction and wear characteristics as well as lubricant characteristics. Two optional testing schemes available: rotation of tree indentor against stationary disk or reciprocal motion of the indentor against flat sample. Implementation of testig schemes with stationary flat sample enables testing of lubricants wihout limitations and use of special techniques. Temperature control (using extra aplliances) of a flat sample available. Installed servo drive allows speed control in wide range. The friction pair loading is realized by dead weights through a lever. The instrument during the tests measures and records friction force (friction moment), integral linear wear of the friction pair and temperature.

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Tester for adhesives and microfibre

AT-101 is an instrument for estimating time-dependent characteristics of adhesives, e.g. setting time. Changeable indentor can be made of different materials and imitate contact against sample on point, line or area. Control software allows testing under static conditions and dynamic measurements that show the kinetics of the adhesive setting process. User defined scripts automate the measuring process. Additional changeable set allows also convert the instrument into tensile test machine for microsamples (e.g. textile fibres).

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Device for measurement of thermostimulated current

ST-1 – instrument for measurement of thermostimulated current (or thermostimulated depolarization) in dielectric materials. The measurements are performed in a heating cell equipped with the help of high-sensitive system of original design. The control software provides a possibility of user-programmed heating.

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Microforce sensor

Force sensor unit FM-02 serves for measuring load applied to the cantilever on bottom side. A two-level scheme of adjustment of the measuring cantilever spring constant allows optimal selection of loading range (from 1 gf to 2 kgf).

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XY-positioning stage

An automated stage PT-03 serves for object positioning in a plane within area 10*10 mm. The object platform motion is managed either directly from the controller by buttons on its front panel or from program run on PC. Knobs for manual positioning available. The stage can be used for object micropositioning in microscopes and for other applications.

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Automated dipper

An automated dipper unit VT-04 serves for vertical translation of an object fixed on arm. The dipper unit can be, for instance, employed for automation of multicycle dipping of a substrate into vessel with liquid at the layer deposition from solutions. The dipper unit is mounted on a vertical stand. For the dipper unit positioning in horizontal plane relative the base, XY positioning stage can be employed together with it. Control of the device - from program run on host PC. Dipper unit VT-04 is unified with driving mechanism of microdoser DT-03 that allows their mutual conversion by simple change of the unit front panel.

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Automated microdoser DT-03 serves for precision supply or bleeding of liquids with the help of changeable standard syringe (disposable plastic syringe of volume 1, 2, 5 or 10 ml). The microdoser mechanism can be deflected to angle 75° back from its vertical position on the supporting stand. For the microdoser positioning in horizontal plane relative base (substrate), it can be employed together with the XY positioning stage. Stepper motors of both the microdoser and XY positioning stage can be driven from control program run on host PC. The microdoser DT-03 driving mechanism is unified with that of dipper VT-04 that allows their mutual conversion by simple change of the unit front panel.

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Cases for electronic devices

Cases C-360 и C-280 has been designed for electronic devices assembling and similar purposes*. The cases are manufactured of aluminum alloy with decorative coating and provides full electromagnetic shielding. Constructively, cases are assembled as a frame of shaped elements to which outer flat panels are mounted with use of srews. That provides ease and convenience both at the assembling and maintenance/repair of end device. Components inside the case may be mounted both on the frame elements and additional rails that can be installe along or across the case.

* - *Dimensions of case C-360 correspond to standard type 'Mini-Tower' of desktop PC's.
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