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Multimode tribometer
Multimode tribometer FT3

Multimode tribometer FT3 is intended for studying of material friction and wear characteristics as well as lubricant characteristics. The device is equipped with changeable actuator heads realizing one of two optional testing schemes: rotation of tree indentor against stationary disk or reciprocal motion of the indentor against flat sample. Implementation of testig schemes with stationary flat sample enables testing of lubricants wihout limitations and use of special techniques. The lower cell design admits installation of a flat sample and also provides for its temperature control (using extra aplliances). The tribometer is powered by a servo drive allowing speed control in wide range. The friction pair loading is realized by dead weights through a lever. The instrument during the tests measures and records friction force (friction moment), linear wear of the friction pair, load on the friction pair and temperature.

Change of the testing scheme is carried out by replacement of actuator head while friction force is measured with the single gauge cell of original design. As moving samples (indentors), balls (diam.3—6 mm) or pins (diam. 6.5 mm) can be employed.

Testing scheme 'three indentors on stationary disk'; 'indentor on stationary plate' (two changeable heads for the two modes)
Load range, not less than 500 mN – 60 N (necessary maximum load and specific load range may be changed according to the custom demand)
Loading system Dead weights through the lever with variable length arms 2:1, 1:1, 1:5 (fixed ratios)
Maximum friction force, not less than 10 N
Friction force resolution, not less than 10 mN (force gauge element with inductive transducer)
Sample size (maximum) Disc – diam.75 mm, thickness 3 mm (mounting - 4 holes diam.3.5 mm on circle 70 mm), thickness up to 8 mm;
Rectangle – 75х30 mm (mounting - 4 holes diam.3.5 mm on corners of 66х22 mm rectangle)
Indentor types ball (diam.3–6 mm), pin (diam.6.5 mm)
Rotational motion (scheme 'three indentors on stationary disk')
Velosity 1–1500 rpm (1.68–3500 mm/s)
Maximum torque, not less than 450 mN/m
Minimum diameter of the stationary sample 60 mm
Radius of the indentor mounting in a rotation plane 16 mm (circumference 100.5 mm),
24 mm (circumference 150.8 mm)
Reciprocal motion (scheme 'indentor on stationary plate')
Indentor stroke 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 mm (fixed length, changed by the leading roller shift inside the changeable head)
Frequency of reciprocal strokes 0.116–25 Hz
Linear speed (avearged per cycle) 0.16–500 mm/s (maximum speed is limited by mechanical resonance reason)
Supply voltage 230 V 50 Hz
Power consumption below 300 W
Overall sizes (WхHхD) 480х410х150 mm
Weight, not more than 20 kg
Code Name Q-ty
FT3-010 Testing unit (including two changeable actuator heads to realize two testing schemes, set of connection cables). 1
FT3-040 Software package for the device control and data acquizition (on CD, for Win32). 1
FT3-060 Set of disks (flat stationary samples) and balls (diam.3 and 4 mm). 1
Automated dipper unit VT-03connecting cables CD
* Not in same scale.
** Host PC is not included in the delivery set.
Panel of tribometer control software

The tribometer software pack is intended for data acquisition at host PC with a Win32 OS (Windows XP SP2 and higher).

The program allows to acquire the digital data from the tribometer signal ADC unit and store them in a text format. Further processing? analysis and visualization may be carried in third part programs (e.g., SurfaceХplorer or Microsoft Excel).

Minimal configuration of host PC (not included in the delivery set): Celeron® 1.7 GHz, RAM 512 MB, HDD 160 GB, VRAM 64 MB, monitor 17" 1024x768x32 bit, MS Windows® XP SP2, USB port.

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