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A force sensor unit
Force sernsor unit
Force sensor unit FM-02

Force sensor unit FM-02 serves for measuring load applied to the cantilever on bottom side.

A two-level scheme of adjustment of the measuring cantilever spring constant allows optimal selection of loading range.

Design: Measurement of a sensitive cantilever deflection (no need for preliminary loading)
Detectin system: Laser-beam
Range of measured forces: Adjustable. Sensitivity of the cantilever can be adjusted in discrete steps (by the cantilever thickness) or smoothly (by changing the fre end length).
Output signal: Digital output signal to be supplied to USB port of a PC
Sampling rate of output signal: up to 10 kHz
ADC precision: 16 bit
Supply voltage: 0, +5 V
Mounting: On a vertical stand, rod diam. 8 mm
Overall dimensions: 140x24x70 mm (w-d-h)
Weight: 300 g
Code Name Q-ty
FM-02-010 Force sensor unit 1
FM-02-030 Set of connecting cables. ask
FM-02-040 Power supply unit. 1
FM-02-060 A set of changeable cantilevers of various spring constant. ask
1 Base set includes also the control software (for Win32) and user manual.

Force sernsor unit connecting cables  Power supply CD

* Not in same scale.
** Host PC is not included in the delivery set.

As software for the force sensor data recording, Control program for Langmuir—Blodgett films deposition device can be employed.

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