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An automated microdoser

An automated microdoser DT-03 serves for precision supply or bleeding of liquids with the help of changeable standard syringe (disposable plastic syringe of volume 1, 2, 5 or 10 ml). The microdoser can be employed, for example, for drop formation at the limiting wetting angle experimental measurement, for feeding solutions with solvent or active ingredients, for replenishing the monomolecular film in Langmuir—Blodgett trough etc. The microdoser features reversable motion of the leading rod that allows to draw the liquid back into the syringe.

The device design provides simple routine for the syringe installation/change and a possibility to move the leading rod manually. The microdoser mechanism can be deflected to angle 75° back from its vertical position on the supporting stand.

For the microdoser positioning in horizontal plane relative base (substrate), it can be employed together with the XY positioning stage. Stepper motors of both the microdoser and XY positioning stage can be driven from control program run on host PC.

The microdoser DT-03 driving mechanism is unified with that of dipper VT-04 that allows their mutual conversion by simple change of the unit front panel.

Drive: Step motor; a possibility to rotate the driving shaft manually
Full motion range of the leading rod: 85 mm (max 86 mm)
Controllable positioning step of the leading rod: 1.25 micron (0.15625 micron at the step splitting)
Minimum step of liquid dosing (for syringe 1 ml): 0.022 microl (0.00275 microl at the step splitting).
Volume of changeable syringe: 1, 2, 5, 10 ml (disposable plastic syringe)
Additional accessories: — stand allowing deflection of microdoser mechanism to angle 75° back from its vertical position; clearance between base plane and lower point of needle of installed 5 ml syringe — 200 mm;
NEW! option: changeable front panel for conversion the microdoser into dipper (see VT-04)
Control: From autonomous controller; manual control by buttons on the controller, extended control facilities available in a unified software at the controller connection to host PC (via USB port). The controller unit enables control over three stepper motors. The control software allows programming of the leading rod motion including that with use of cusotm scripts.
Power supply: 220 V 50 Hz (control voltages: 0, +15 (<24) V)
Overall size: Microdoser: 60x90x191 mm (w-d-h) /without stand/
77x122x422 mm /with satnd/
Controller unit: 138x195x82 mm
Weight: Microdoser unit: 1.4 kg; Controller unit: 0.8 kg
Code Name Q-ty
DT-03-010 Microdoser unit on stand 1
DT-03-020 Autonomous controller 1
DT-03-030 Set of conneting cables 1
DT-03-040 Control software (for Win32) and operation manual 1
VT-04-015 Changeable front panel for the microdoser conversion into dipper (see VT-04) 1

Automated dipper unit VT-03controller connecting cables CD  

USB connection * Above pictures are not in the same scale
** Host PC is not included in the delivery set

Control software screenshot

Control software for microdoser DT-03 is a unified program for driving three stepper motors. It is a 32-bit Windows application that runs under Windows XP SP2 and higher operating systems.

The software provides control over the stepper motor speed, motion range (in steps of the stepper motor or in mm) and motion direction.

The program can be employed for driving three stepper motors. If the device is additionally equipped with XY positioning stage, all the three axes motions can be automated.

As an alternative for the unified program, control program for Langmuir—Blodgett trough can be employed in which custom scripts can be used to control the mechanism motion.

Minimal configuration of host PC (not included in the delivery set): Celeron® 1.7 GHz, RAM 128 MB, HDD 40 GB, VRAM 64 MB, monitor 1024x768x32 bit, MS Windows® XP SP2, free USB port.

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