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An adhesive tester
Adhesive tester AT-101
Adhesive tester AT-101
(measuring unit)

Adhesive tester AT101 is an instrument for estimating time-dependent characteristics of adhesives, e.g. setting time.

Mechanism for fast installation of the sample substarte with tested adhesive allows easy operation.

Changeable indentor can be made of different materials and imitate contact against sample on point, line or area.

A changeable set allows also convert the instrument into tensile test mschine for microsamples.

Control software allows testing under static conditions and dynamic measurements that show the kinetics of the adhesive setting process. User defined scripts add flexibility to the measuring process when specific testing modes are necessary.

Measurement modes: - Static pressing/retraction;
- Dynamic multicycle pressing/retraction with set time intervals and speed;
- User-defined pressing/retraction with full control over speed and time delays.
Force sensor: Adjustable force ranges. Range of applied force up to 20 N. Vertical position can be adjusted manually.
Sample size: 15x20x3 mm
Vertical lift stroke: 85 mm
Host computer: Not less than Celeron® 1700, RAM 128 MB, HDD 40 GB, Windows® 98/2000/XP, COM port.
Overall dimensions: Measuring unit - 150x100x205 mm (w-d-h); Control unit - 220x160x102 mm (w-d-h), weight 1.1 kg
Software: Special control software and data processing package SurfaceXplorer are included.
Code Name Q-ty
AT-101-010 Measuring unit. 1
AT-101-020 Control electronic unit with set of necessary electrical cords and cables. 1
AT-101-070 Changeable set for microsample clamping at tensile test. 1
1 Base set includes also the control software (for Win32) and user manual.
Adhesive force metercontrollercable setCDTensile test set
* Not in same scale.
** Host PC is not included in the delivery set.
Control software  running on 19-inch screen

Control software for adhesive tester AT-101 is a 32-bit Windows application. It runs under Windows 98se and hugher operating systems.

The control software provides all preliminary tunings and settings necessary for the tester operation.

Operator can watch the measuring process progress on the screen.

Acquired data are saved in files of special format that can be then processed, visualised (in 2-D and 3-D presentation) and analysed with a specialized software package SurfaceXplorer or exported in text format to work in other data processing programs (e.g. MS Excel).

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